After-School & Weekend Classes

Registration for our 2022 Winter Session is open! Classes will run from January 15th to February 5th. This session will consist of four Saturday classes at five of our programming sites. Classes are age-based for this session, no previous golf experience is required. Space is limited so make sure you have your site and class picked out in advance.

Scholarships are available for families who have financial need.

No Membership Fee Required for 2022 Winter Session.

Session Fee: $50
The session fee covers four weeks of classes.

Membership Fee: $35
The membership is required and is good for one calendar year. It includes a hat, polo, backpack, yardage book, membership card, and member discounts at local golf courses (specific discount varies by course).

Register for Classes

For more information about our regular programming through the spring, summer, and fall, please check out our 2022 schedule.